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 How to Use Premade Layouts

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PostSubject: How to Use Premade Layouts   Fri Aug 10, 2007 11:29 am

Here are the few steps on how to use the premade overlays.
Just follow the instructions carefully and everything will be good. Very Happy

1. Choose the premade layout you are goin to use.
For your easy browsing, use our Premade Overlays Index.

2. Copy the code and put it in your notepad.

3. Replace all the "YOURUSERID" found in the code with your own USERID.

4. If there are images to download, download it and save it into your computer.

5. Upload the downloaded images in a hosting site.
Choose between and .

6. After uploading the images, get the direct link
and paste them on the appropriate place in the codes.

7. When all the editing is done, you may now generate your codes here:

8. Follow the new instructions in overlaying.

That's all folks!!!
If you have questions, post it in our Overlaying Concerns section..
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How to Use Premade Layouts
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